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• CryptoStrikers was the first NFT sports card project on Ethereum (May 2018).

• The pack sale ended during the 2018 FIFA World Cup and no new cards can be minted.

• Only 10,261 cards will ever exist. Learn more about the distribution here.

• During the tournament, users could stake their cards and earn stars if their player scored.

• If you don't own any Strikers, shop the marketplace here.

→ View your collection / wrap your cards

Why wrap them?

The CryptoStrikers contract used an early, incomplete OpenZeppelin's implementation of ERC-721.

(TLDR for the nerds out there: ERC-165's supportsInterface() was missing).

This makes the original cards incompatible with some of the newer NFT protocols.

When you wrap, you get a new ERC-721 token that works everywhere. You can unwrap at any time.

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